Six Startups in Six Months

I've decided to build 6 startups over the next 6 months, as a way to stretch my "building" muscles and get the confidence that I can actually deliver products and learn. I've finally gotten around to reading the Lead Startup by Eric Reis, and it has reinspired a side of me that wants to bring value through products.

I was looking through old notes and bumped into Pieter Levels 12 startups in 12 months from a few years back and got inspired. He took a few somewhat straightforward ideas, like charging a credit card if someone doesn't complete a goal, and programmed it into a product. From his website, it looks like he stopped after starting Remote OK during month 7. When I start getting a little attention for these sites, I'll have to ask him.

The goal here is to focus on the same areas that Levels brought up:

Problem One: Finishing

I'm personally bothered by my inability to stop playing around with unnecessary features and deliver a piece of software. It's been long enough that I've been working on projects and the time has come to get projects out of my hands and over to the user.

Problem Two: Launching

I've had some success sharing my blog and podcasts, but this will be on another level and hopefully help those other projects. I keep myself so far away from users whenever I've worked on software that it lowers the liklihood for success greatly. To launch, I'll be interacting much more closely with Twitter and the networks that I never really jumped into enough.

In order to keep my focus on these two points, I'll be reducing the unnecessary work I've been finding myself doing otherwise. It will be a focus on getting these products out the door and tracking the assumptions and open questions. I realize after each month I won't have a fully matured product, but I will start each month with a plan for a new product, understand the open questions to adoption, and build something new.


Month 1: Remember It

A Google Chrome plugin where I can hit a hot key to paste in a link or thought and it will send me a list of those links and text later in the day.