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Willard Johnson – Ballin’ Around the Globe (#2)

“Just as the Tibetans…have the yak to hold onto, basketball made it comfortable. I knew what basketball was.” -Willard Johnson


This week I sat down with Willard Johnson, former semi professional basketball player who now works as basketball coach and internet marketing master on the Tibetan plateau. Bill grew up in the United States before moving to all corners of the globe playing the game. After some time decompressing back in the States, he moved to Ritoma, Tibet four years ago and has been making big impact every day since.

Bill is proof that being open and flexible while pursuing a passion leads to phenomenal opportunities. He’s a role model and someone who’s story has inspired and taught me in a lot of ways. Enjoy this conversation and my chance to talk to Willard Johnson.

Make sure to check out the notes below for more on Norlha and Tibet Basketball.

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