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The Most Important Decision of My Life (#1)


Growing up, I wanted to be a lawyer. My grandfather, who I never got a chance to meet, was a district attorney and I was never satisfied with the answers I got from adults. Why not a career where I could ask tough questions and argue when I didn’t agree? But when the time came to decide my path, the only things that seemed to matter were money and effort. Make more and do less.

I spent the first year and a half in college with this same motto on my mind. Every step of the way, I was balancing my effort against my expected career. Until I wasn’t.

In this episode I talk about the decision that changed my life more than any other. For the first 19 years of my life, every twist and turn had been expected. I wasn’t always out in front, leading the pack, but there hadn’t been uncertainty and I certainly wasn’t blazing any trails. But with this one choice, everything I knew about myself and what I was capable of would change.


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