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Sean Hurley – Nutrition and Aging (#13)


A conversation with Sean Hurley (@Age_Wisely), nutrition enthusiast and advocate, who has changed his life to focus on optimal nutritional health. He also works with individuals who struggle with various health issues to refocus their diets and regain control through a well structured diet.


  1. Yoshinori Ohsumi 2016 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discoveries of mechanisms for autophagy.

  2. Robert Lustig – Physician – @RobertLustigMD

  3. Mark Hymen – Functional medicine – @drmarkhyman

  4. Frank Lipman – Functional Medicine – @DrFrankLipman

  5. Amy Proal – Microbiologist – @microbeminded2

  6. John F. Cryan – Microbiologist – @jfcryan


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