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Magdalena Algawam – Ready for the Challenge (#9)

“I grew up in a multicultural family, so for me I’m always curious about peoples customs, what they like doing…” -Magdalena


This week is a chat I had with Magdalena Algawam, a friend who has lived in Germany and London since growing up outside Warsaw, Poland. She’s built a career in the male dominated world of software engineering, and excelled because of, not in spite of, her gender and perspective.

Magda brings an energy and optimism to life that is unique and infectious. I was fortunate to have her as a roommate several years ago in London, deciding to live together before ever having met. It was a huge growing experience for me, primarily because Magda is such an interesting person who has taught me so much.

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback. Settled Afar is still in its early days and I want to shape it based on what you want to hear. There’s good stuff in here, I know it, so please let me know what you enjoy and what could be better.


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