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Justin Lynch and Kyle Connors – COVID-19 and Remote Work (#10)


This week is a conversation I had with Justin Lynch and Kyle Connors, two lifelong friends who accompanied me in 2012 on my move into the software industry.

Justin is the Head of Engineering at Correlation One, a data science platform company that helps companies in the search for data talent through on-campus data science competitions. This includes the World’s Largest AI Programming competition, with students from over 120 countries competing for over $250,000 in prizes.

Kyle is VP of Product in Consumer Experience at Zipari, a health insurance data company. Zipari provides health insurance companies with real-time insights and visibility into the customer journey. If you’ve received personalized communication and real-time interactions with health insurance, it may be Zipari handling the communication on the back end.

I’ve spent a lifetime with these guys and constantly have conversations about the future of tech. Like most people, we’ve spent the last couple months discussing COVID-19 and what the lasting impacts will be. The three of us have mostly been able to define where we work for the last 10 years, if only for a couple days here and there. We’ve seen the world open up about what is necessary to continue working and these two have seen it edging from tech into the rest of industry for years.

What a blast having a couple friends on Settled Afar, let me know what you think because I’m sure they’ll each find their way back to the show.


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