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Dodd Gray – Indiana to Brussels (#7)

“It was a chance to live the life less ordinary…” -Dodd Gray


This week is a chat I had with Dodd Gray, an Indianan who has been living in Belgium with his family for the last 18 years. He lived throughout the midwest USA before moving to Europe in 2001.

As an American getting ready to start a family in (almost) Europe, Dodd is someone I’ve looked forward to speaking with from the minute Settled Afar was conceived. He has a perspective I’ve sought to hear from since I moved to London three years ago. I’m glad I had a chance to pick his brain, it’s always good to build confidence by realizing that others are thinking about things similarly.

As always, let me know what you think. Settled Afar is driven by the listeners, and what you’d like to hear. I know there’s some nuggets of good stuff in here, so whatever you think can be done to improve the interviews, I’m all ears.

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