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Andrew Patrick – Hell Yeah, Let’s Do It (#3)

“I had taken about 3 months of Chinese at that time. But I said, hell yeah, why not, let’s do it.”Andrew Patrick


In this episode I talked with Andrew Patrick – friend, traveler, and international businessman. Andrew has lived in multiple countries, originally growing up in Ireland before moving to Saudi Arabia for several years of his childhood. He proceeded to the US for school prior to the focus of this conversation, five years spent in Beijing, China.

His openness to the world and eye toward the future has made him a true journeyman and an inspiration for anyone trying to figure out their own path. We discuss his earliest motivations, struggles getting adjusted, and the joy in finding counterparts who are sharing in the same ordeal. I could have talked with Andrew for hours more, and hopefully will soon. For now, enjoy this conversation.

Where’s he been?

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